About Us

Fair Travel and Trading Pte Ltd aims to provide Muslim friendly tours for the whole family. On top of our regular tours and haj and umrah packages, our specialty lies in our unique Islamic learning journeys around the globe with a trained and qualified tour guide. Such tours will include historical sites around the globe pertaining to Islamic history. Sites covered include historical places where the 25 Prophets mentioned in the Al Quran were born, migrated to, ruled in, and among others, places pertaining to the 4 Caliphs of Islam, and places surrounding the 4 imams. Other places that played important roles in Islamic history, beyond the years of the Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم ,will also be covered.


To provide exciting, exhilarating and educational tours for Muslim patrons


To enhance the knowledge of the Muslim ummah, through the exploration of places that reveal the grandeur of Islam.